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Ohmygod, my friend is a rock star

I know I am not the first, but I had to say it: my friend Matt is a rock star. And when he becomes famous and rich I will think of the old days when rootkits were made of bits rather than notes.

Matt and his mates have launched their first video clip. You can find it here.

Even Mark Russinovich is talking about it.


Tres Lunas

I’ve just been given Tres Lunas by Mike Oldfield as a (late) Christmas gift. I went straight to the CD player and I listened to the music while I cooked dinner. I’ve been listening to Mike Oldfield’s music for 21 years and he still manages to stir something inside me.

The vocal tracks are extremely good, 9/10. The instrumentals are good but average for him, 7/10. At some points the music seems to be about to degrade into an elevator tune but the feeling goes away immediately.

Tres Lunas is not Mike Oldfield’s best album, but probably the best since Amarok in tight competition with Tubular Bells III. Strongly recommended.

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