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Get to philosophy

Try the following:

  1. Open up Wikipedia.
  2. Go to a random article.
  3. Click on the first link on the article. This will take you to another article.
  4. Keep clicking on the first link of the new article each time.

So what, you’ll ask. Well, according to this, 93% of all starting point articles will eventually lead you to the article Philosophy. And, I quote:

The question of why everything goes to philosophy is probably very deep.

My brain hurts.



I always knew that one of the best ways to increase success was to lower expectations.

Yes. I am being cynical. This is what the guys at Despair, Inc. excel at. Their range of Demotivators® is absolutely awesome. A warning before you go: you really need to love corrosive humour to enjoy Despair.



Is it a curse?

Mac or PC?

Mac or PC? Just watch the video here.

I’m a PC

Oh, yes. I’m a PC.

I can see you Microsoft bashers wincing already. :p

Generation W

It’s 9 pm, mid-February in the Basque Country. It is supposed to be winter. Cold. However, it’s 16 degrees celsius, and the breeze I can feel on my face is warm and dry. Feels like a June evening. And this is not just today; I think that the weather is changing.

James Lovelock says in The Revenge of Gaia that an ecological catastrophe will happen within this century. Well, perhaps my generation will live enough as to witness it. Perhaps I will live the greatest weather change of documented history. We will be remembered as the people who lived the Big Global Warming. We will be the Warming Generation.

We are Generation W.

Going bosky

Isabel captured this beautiful moment when I went bosky with the remainders of a cured pork leg.

Going Bosky

Going Bosky

Ain’t I cute?

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