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TEDx talks turned to self-help

I’ve always loved TED talks. When TED started the TEDx events initiative, by which independent groups could use the TED brand to organise local events under specific agreements with TED, I was especially glad, since this meant that talks would likely be made available to a much wider community.

Sadly, TEDxGalicia 2011 disillusioned me when they included a Catholic monk amongst their speakers, who used his time to preach about how Catholic values made you a better person. I was baffled. I wrote to TEDxGalicia through Twitter about this, and they answered that this was OK because “all perspectives have equal right to be listened to”, despite TED policies explicitly state that “TEDx events may not be used to promote spiritual or religious beliefs”.

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Cobase is on YouTube

Cobase is on YouTube!

At Cobase we are launching a series of videos to promote Concept, our online service for construction projects. This is the first one.

Donating to Wikimedia Foundation

I use Wikipedia a lot. It’s one of those things that is just there, like the air that I breathe or the spot on my head that I scratch when I need to focus. Just there, always there.

But, as Sue Gardner says, not many people know that Wikipedia is run by a non-profit organisation of about fifty people. They need money for infrastructures, bills and salaries. They use your donations to keep Wikipedia there for all of us. I give them a tiny slice of my winter paycheck every year, hoping that they will still be there when I need them.

If you use Wikipedia, I encourage you to do the same, within your own possibilities. See here.

Concept has launched

Concept is fully commercial since 1st April. Thanks to Martin, Isabel and others who made this possible!

Computing infrastructures specialist: position available

We have a position available at LaPa – CSIC. We are seeking top people to design and deploy completely new computing infrastructures for the lab. The major areas of expertise that we are looking for are TCP/IP networks, Microsoft Windows Server and Active Directory environments, and systems integration.

Please contact me by 15th November if you are interested. Thanks.

You can download the full call here in English and Spanish.

Apple and Vodafone work together in Spain

I am just back from ENASE 2009 in Milan, Italy. The good thing for a Spaniard like me about travelling to Italy is that you get to taste yummy Italian food. And you get to see beautiful landscapes and monuments. And you get to practice your Italian. Oh, and yes. The iPhone.

See, I think it’s pathetic that Apple sells the iPhone in Spain exclusively through Telefonica, one of the carriers here, so that you either sign up with Telefonica, pay them outrageous fees and sign in blood that you won’t leave them before two years… or you, well, get yourself a cheap imitator of the iPhone.

I have been a customer of Vodafone for ages, and I am not going to switch carriers now. And, if I switch carriers, it will not be to join Telefonica. I am resonably happy with Vodafone; as happy as one can be in a vampiric relationship with a carrier, that is. The only thing that I was missing was an iPhone.

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Airport wi-fi

What’s worse than being a victim of the rip-off fees of airport wi-fi internet access?

No wi-fi internet access at all.

Indeed, today I realised that Santiago de Compostela airport totally lacks internet connectivity for passengers. Not a single hot spot. Nothing. Nil. Nada.

In fact, I asked at an information counter and the lady there seemed a bit embarrassed when she said “no, there is none”. She added “I am sorry”, which, being this country what it is, means an awful lot.

I know, Santiago is not a big airport. But it has regular international flights and it’s the largest of Galicia. I can’t believe that kubi or some of the other usual wi-fi vampires haven’t yet colonised this place. Are you listening? I am willing to pay 4 € for 30 minutes!

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