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TEDx talks turned to self-help

I’ve always loved TED talks. When TED started the TEDx events initiative, by which independent groups could use the TED brand to organise local events under specific agreements with TED, I was especially glad, since this meant that talks would likely be made available to a much wider community.

Sadly, TEDxGalicia 2011 disillusioned me when they included a Catholic monk amongst their speakers, who used his time to preach about how Catholic values made you a better person. I was baffled. I wrote to TEDxGalicia through Twitter about this, and they answered that this was OK because “all perspectives have equal right to be listened to”, despite TED policies explicitly state that “TEDx events may not be used to promote spiritual or religious beliefs”.

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Incipit group on LinkedIn

We have created a LinkedIn group for Incipit. Feel free to join if you are interested in keeping up to date about events and ennouncements related to Incipit, or if you would like to discuss about cultural heritage research issues.

Get to philosophy

Try the following:

  1. Open up Wikipedia.
  2. Go to a random article.
  3. Click on the first link on the article. This will take you to another article.
  4. Keep clicking on the first link of the new article each time.

So what, you’ll ask. Well, according to this, 93% of all starting point articles will eventually lead you to the article Philosophy. And, I quote:

The question of why everything goes to philosophy is probably very deep.

My brain hurts.

2010 in review

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health.

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads This blog is doing awesome!

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Atheism is open now

The new Atheism site on StackExchange is open to the public now.

Mind you, it’s not only for atheists. If you are curious, have questions or just want to lurk and see what others are saying, feel free to drop by anytime.

Atheism in beta

The Atheism Q&A site at StackExchange is now in private beta. It will open to the public on 21 December. Drop by, make a question and share your thoughts!

Happy fourth!

Nothing Ever Happens turns four tomorrow.

I remember creating the ASP.NET blog engine at my place in Lavender Bay, coding at night on a Dell Latitude listening to the rain outside. Amazing.

Since then I have changed jobs twice, written a book, moved across the world and abandoned the custom-made blog engine in favour of WordPress. Oh well. All for good!

So. Happy fourth!

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