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TEDx talks turned to self-help

I’ve always loved TED talks. When TED started the TEDx events initiative, by which independent groups could use the TED brand to organise local events under specific agreements with TED, I was especially glad, since this meant that talks would likely be made available to a much wider community.

Sadly, TEDxGalicia 2011 disillusioned me when they included a Catholic monk amongst their speakers, who used his time to preach about how Catholic values made you a better person. I was baffled. I wrote to TEDxGalicia through Twitter about this, and they answered that this was OK because “all perspectives have equal right to be listened to”, despite TED policies explicitly state that “TEDx events may not be used to promote spiritual or religious beliefs”.

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Here. Here. Here.


Perspective is a very powerful thing. Perspectives can change. Perspectives can be altered.

— Jill Tarter

OMG! My iPod is broken!

I am sad.

The other day I was on the bus watching a TED talk video on my iPod Touch when, out of the blue, the screen went white. Well, not exactly white. It started displaying some weird kind of horizontal white stripes that made things really hard to see or read. It looked milky.

So I dived into the web and engaged Apple’s customer service. In a couple of days they sent a UPS return package for me to send them my iPod. I am expected to live without it for a few days (I hope it’s not longer than that!) until they fix it.

How did I manage to survive before?

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