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LaPa is dead, long live Incipit

I don’t discuss this often in here, but I used to work for The Heritage Laboratory (LaPa), a medium-sized research lab in Santiago de Compostela that was part of a larger institute that, in turn, belongs to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Yes, that is right, I used to. As of today, The Heritage Laboratory exists no more.

The good news is that The Heritage Laboratory has been transformed into a full-fledged institute with its own identity. We have outgrown ourselves out of being a lab within an institute, and we have become one. We are now the Institute of Heritage Sciences, usually abbreviated as Incipit.

This is a time of fast and exciting change with lots of opportunities. If you are interested in knowing more, visit our web site on or drop me an email anytime.



Short course on conceptual modelling for cultural heritage

Next May we will be running the first edition of the short course Conceptual Modelling for Cultural Heritage. This is a postgraduate course organised by us at LaPa – CSIC and offered as part of the 2011 higher education programme of the CSIC.

More information here (in Spanish).

Computing infrastructures specialist: position available

We have a position available at LaPa – CSIC. We are seeking top people to design and deploy completely new computing infrastructures for the lab. The major areas of expertise that we are looking for are TCP/IP networks, Microsoft Windows Server and Active Directory environments, and systems integration.

Please contact me by 15th November if you are interested. Thanks.

You can download the full call here in English and Spanish.

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