Do me a favour

We have elections in Galicia this Sunday. Current president Touriño had his face neatly decorated like this at my usual bus stop tonight:

Defaced 1

Defaced 1

The photo is crappy because it was made with my phone camera and it was dark.

On the top left of the image you can read “Dálle máis forza”, the electoral motto of the PSG/PSOE party to which Touriño belongs, and which can be translated as “Make it stronger”. Below, “Vota Touriño. O Presidente”, or “Vote Touriño. The President”. This banner has been there for a couple of weeks now. Tonight, when I arrived to the bus stop, I noticed the other banner on top of it. In case you can’t see it well, here you are a more detailed shot:

Defaced 2

Defaced 2

The add-on poster shows a guy shooting himself into his mouth. On top of the picture you can read “políticos, facede o favor…”, or “politicians, do me a favour…”. Notice that there is an asterisk after “politicians”. This asterisk works as a footnote call to a list of epithets: “especuladores, miseráveis, vendidos, usureiros, cocainómanos, manipuladores, capitalistas…”, which roughly translates as “speculators, mean, sold-out, predators, cocaine addicts, manipulators, capitalists…”. Below, in large lettering, you can read “a democracia nom nos fai livres”, or “democracy does not make us free”.

Pretty picture, eh?

The text in the add-on poster is written in Galician “lusista” (a variation of Galician closer to Portuguese), which is often associated to strong left-wing Galician nationalist ideas. Touriño, the defaced president, belongs to PSG/PSOE, a purportedly socialist (and hence the “S” in PSG and PSOE) but centralist party, and therefore not very nationalist, but left of the centre anyway. Interestingly enough, this kind of attacks are much more common against PSG/PSOE than, say, PP or any of the other right-wing parties.

I can’t vote, anyway. Some idiot public servant misplaced some papers and I am not enrolled. See, democracy does not make us free.


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