But we work in summer

More on the August paralysis. El País, today, full-page ad. An oncological hospital in Madrid advertises its services using the tagline:

We work at normal pace in summer

This is not a small note at the bottom of the page. Rather, this sentence is in large type, at the top of the page, acting as what we could call a marketing differentiator, i.e. a fact or property that makes this product (the hospital) unique from its competitors and hopefully attractive to the potential clients.

Isn’t this sad? This is not a video shop, for Pete’s sake. It’s an oncological hospital! And they use a full-page on the Sunday El País (imagine the cost!) to make the proud statement that they work at normal pace in summer.

This country just sucks.


1 Response to “But we work in summer”

  1. 1 Fernando 12 August 2008 at 9:13

    If I were german I would say: Unbelieveable!
    But as I’m a spaniard I will say: you’ll better don’t get sick on holidays!, I did and I had to have surgery 3 times in 15 days, because the surgeon was on vacation and the substitute… I prefer to omit the details, you can imagine. Hopefully, at last the titutlar surgeon came back and in the last surgery he finally did his job, so I can tell you about it today.

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