NEH is obviously in stand-by mode

Silly thing to say, but this blog is evidently in stand-by mode. I haven’t posted a line for a long time.

Why? Well. I quit my disastrous job in Bilbao and moved back to Santiago. I have a new job now, as a researcher with CSIC, the Spanish National Research Council. I am changing my area of research, changing my routine and changing my future (I hope!).

The last 12 months have been glorious. Our lives have improved amazingly, and we are again as happy as we used to be years ago. This is in sheer contrast with the previous 12 months, which were yuk.

Oh well. Such is life, as Ned Kelly used to say.

I don’t think I will post here often. But I might take it up again once I start at my new job (in a few weeks) and tell you about new stuff. If I do, please come back and read. If I don’t, well… many thanks for reading me all these years.


3 Responses to “NEH is obviously in stand-by mode”

  1. 1 Nick 10 July 2008 at 11:47

    Welcome back!
    Your readers are loyal! Keep posting.

  2. 2 Morgan 12 July 2008 at 7:45

    welcome back! Nice to see you again posting ! and of course it ‘s nice to see you again happy… thks and I dont forget I owe you a diner !

  3. 3 cesargon 12 July 2008 at 18:30

    Thanks thanks thanks 🙂

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