ISO/IEC 24744 and looking back

I am told that the new ISO/IEC 24744 international standard is available for purchase from the ISO web site since last Wednesday.

So what?

Well, I am the proud co-father of the creature. Brian Henderson-Sellers and I have been the project editors and main conductors of the standard, and we are happy that it has just been released to the public.

I am particularly happy because this standard encapsulates the results of many years of work. I might trace it all back to 1995-ish, when I started studying the Fusion method at the Laboratory of Archaeology and Cultural Forms at the University of Santiago de Compostela. I adapted Fusion to suit our needs and it became the Adapted Fusion Method (MFA) that I later described in my PhD thesis in 2000. In the late 1990s I rewrote it as a full methodology and called it Metis, and used it at Neco for internal and external projects. That was when Brian and I met and we started exchanging ideas. I soon joined the OPEN Consortium and recast Metis as an instance of OPEN, renaming it OPEN/Metis. Then I moved to UTS to work with Brian and started envisioning what would, in 2004, be published as the Australian Standard AS 4651 “Standard Metamodel for Software Development Methodologies”. This, in turn, served as base document for the development of the international standard, which has now just been published.

What is it about? Oh, don’t worry.

All right, take a look.


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