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A few days ago I made a comment about Second Life on the Europe United blog. You can see my comment here. For those who can’t read Spanish, my post says, in a nutshell, that Second Life is different to The Sims, basically, because it is not a game: in Second Life there is no winning or losing, there is no concept of goal, which is what defines games.

A reader replied to my comment by leaving a message on this blog (rather than that blog, Europe United) under a non-related post, so now I am creating this post here and moving his comment under it just to keep things under control. Please have a look at the comments to this post, and feel free to leave your own. Thanks.


6 Responses to “Comments on Second Life”

  1. 1 binfer 20 November 2006 at 9:57

    Hi, Cesar,
    I’m reading the 2nd Life Herald… and I haven’t change mi opionion. I think that these type of games are an attempt to distract the main attention to the real world problems. I don’t want to be hard with you, but I think that the purpose of 2nd life is just to move away to the people far away of the main goverments & Enterprises critical decisions. I don’t want a second virtual world, I only wan’t the First Life World…

  2. 2 cesargon 20 November 2006 at 10:52

    Dear binfer,
    You are not being hard to me, don’t worry. It is your right to think as you will, and blogs are great to discuss things, so please go ahead and say what you think.
    Also, I don’t disagree with you totally. I agree that Second Life (and other highly immersive online worlds) are an excellent mechanism to forget about our real world problems and dive into other realms. In my experience, some people use Second Life for this purpose, i.e. forgetting about their daily problems and “cleaning up” their minds. Some others may use it to procrastinate and escape from their responsibilities. Even some others may use it to pursue dubious activities. Therein lies its beauty: it is a new world, not good, not bad, but open to exploitation and use. It allows each of us to experiment and express what we feel and what we are. And therein lies its success. Since Second Life allows people to escape from their daily problems, it is a great way to relax and “unplug” after a bad day. It does wonders to me! Think of it as a little vacation on a nice beach.
    You say that Second Life has the purpose to move people away from their responsibilities. Have you thought about that? Why would Linden Lab want that? Don’t you think that Linden Lab would be more interested in making money, for example, or gaining visibility in the marketplace, rather than moving people away from their real lives? In any case, how can you know what the purpose of Second Life is?With all due respect, I think that your opinion is a bit premature, especially not having spent much time in Second Life yourself. Unless, of course, you have a direct link to the Lindens or are an expert in these issues. If that is the case, I apologise. If not, then I suggest you try to be a bit more even-tempered and reconsider your judgment. Would you, for example, say that the purpose of summer holidays is to move people away from their responsibilities?
    Happy to keep the discussion going, and thanks for your contribution.

  3. 3 Nick 23 November 2006 at 21:28

    Real World = Mandatory
    Second Life = Completely optional
    Positive distraction from “real world problems” can prove a valuable asset is maintaining an even keel in today’s crazy world. “Second Life transcends a lot of social barriers that we have in real life. … There are so many immediate social stigmas that we have with each other that just sort of disappear in Second Life, because everybody is sort of on a level playing field. … We’re talking about all the things in real life that, whether we like to admit it or not, separate us, that are barriers to friendships.”
    -Cristiano Diaz on Open Source

  4. 4 Nick 1 December 2006 at 20:17

    Even in the worlds we create online we can’t escape one person exploiting another for profit.

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