Snow photos

I promised to post some photos of the snowfall we had in January. Well, here you are.

Falling Snow

Falling Snow

Cesar in the Snow

Cesar in the Snow

Cesar in the Snow again

Cesar in the Snow again

Train in the Snow

Train in the Snow

The first picture, taken from our balcony, shows the snow falling. It was Saturday mid-morning. The second and third photos show yours truly out in the snow, noon time of the same day. You can see the nice old church of Zamudio in one of the photos. The fourth picture shows the EuskoTren (Basque Train, literally) running through the snow.

Thanks for waiting, Stuart!


3 Responses to “Snow photos”

  1. 1 Tom McBride 20 March 2006 at 9:47

    Snow! What is this fascination with snow! We don’t have such inconveniences here where the most hazardous thing we have to worry about is sharks. And blue bottles. And snakes. And the odd lethal mosquito.
    Good to hear from you.

  2. 2 Allerina 21 March 2006 at 21:09

    Hola Cesar,
    You are looking very cold and rugged up! It is so surreal to see you set in a backdrop of snow – I’ve never pictured it to snow in Spain – silly girl!
    Take care,

  3. 3 stuart in sydney 26 March 2006 at 8:43

    thanks – all things in time…nice to see real snow – SO long ago for me! And to see a NZ cabbage tree, Cordyline australis (‘palm lily’ to the English) growing in Basque country!
    Hope to finish the B book this week, and post it off. Love to you both there

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