My salary

As a Research Project Leader, I am currently paid 39,000 euros per annum plus up to 12% bonus depending on results.

How much are you paid?


5 Responses to “My salary”

  1. 1 Donpi 8 March 2006 at 14:47

    Mmm…I do not really understand why you published your salary on internet. I think you should clarify this point. Is this to show how rich you are? Is this to prove you have no problem in sharing personal data? Is this to prove you live in a safe place and your house won’t suffer any kind of attacks, despite the fact that the robbers know exactly how rich you are?
    By the way, I’ll not answer to your question. I would have no problem in sharing this information with YOU, but publishing it on the net is too much for me 🙂

  2. 2 monkey 8 March 2006 at 16:19

    hi folks, probably my opinion it’s not very important but anyway , I think it is to prove that he has no problems in sharing this stuff…. the problem is the domain where he is working on and , of course, the utopistic language he is currently using ;oPC U

  3. 3 cesargon 8 March 2006 at 20:31

    Carissimo Donpi,
    I’ve published my salary on the web for the same reason that a sculptor creates a statue, or a writer gives birth to a novel. To express myself.
    My intention is not to show how much or how little (depending on your point of reference) I earn, but to state a fact that is not usually stated plainly and simply. Take it as an experiment, take it as a provocation.
    In any case, many thanks for your comments.

  4. 4 Nick 15 March 2006 at 2:36

    Who could have thought that posting your salary on a blog could have caused such controversy? In the words of a budding novelist I take great interest in, “it’s not about having more, it’s about being more”. 😉
    Cesar’s above post is exactly the reason why I visit. The net salary is relative. Once we compare rates of taxation, expenses, living costs, health care, transport costs, quality of life issues, pollution etc., only then can we comprehend those figures. 🙂

  5. 5 cesargon 15 March 2006 at 7:35

    Did you hear that “it’s not about having more, it’s about being more”?
    That is exactly why I posted my salary. I am sick of finding myself in a situation of silly secrecy in which some things just cannot be talked about. As Captain Cook would say, a “tabu”. Disclosing this little piece of information breaks the secret, makes myself known and, in consequence, encourages people to judge me according to what they think I am rather than what they think I have. You may call it “social hygiene”.Thanks, Nick, for the spot-on quote.

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