I found the movie!

I found it. The scary movie with the doll in it is titled “The Bermuda Triangle”. You can find it on IMDB. Beautiful.

Now for getting a copy.


2 Responses to “I found the movie!”

  1. 1 Nick 15 March 2006 at 2:38

    How did you find it?

  2. 2 cesargon 15 March 2006 at 7:42

    I found the movie by a combination of internet searching, brain picking of colleagues and a little bit of serendipity. A few days ago I was reading something on Wikipedia about Atlantis, and the article related it to the Bermuda Triangle. I immediately visualised the sequence in the movie where they swim between ancient stone columns sitting on the bottom of a shallow sea. And I though that the (then still unknown) movie might have been related to the Bermuda Triangle. So I added this term to my searches and it worked!

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