The Siberian cold spell struck hard last Friday, resulting in a white weekend. We have heaps of snow (literally) and all the associated side-effects such as snowmen on the footpaths, charming kids throwing snow balls and a motorway blocked by a truck that jackknived into the toll booths.

It is beautiful. I hadn’t seen snowing so copiously for ages, ever maybe. Birds are more active in the snow, I believe, and each time I catch a glimpse of the outside through the window I can almost feel the crisp cold in my face and the slippery ice-covered ground under my soles.

Yesterday, Isabel and I went to the local library to return some books (and borrow more, since our stuff is still travelling somewhere in England or Europe), buy some groceries and get some cash from the bank. Of course, we took the camera with us. Most of the kids were playing in the little alleys around town, and the gardens and green areas around the town hall square and the library building were pristine and untrod. So after doing our business at the library we succumbed to the call and engaged into a fierce snowball battle which included high acts of treason such as Isabel shooting at me when I was not looking; fairly enough, she slipped and fell on her bum shortly after, so I could ungentlemanly take advantage and castigate her with a well-directed missile into her face.

I still have to unload the photos from the camera, but I promise to post a few.


1 Response to “Snow”

  1. 1 Anamatronic 30 January 2006 at 18:25

    We can’t wait to see the pictures!! 🙂

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