It is freezing here in Larrauri.

This morning I got out from home at 8:10 and the thermometer in the car showed -7 degrees Celsius. The car was covered in frost, and the fields were white until midday.

When I arrived at work, a colleague commented that the newspaper announces a Siberian dry cold wave approaching. My childhood dream of visiting Tunguska is becoming real!

No, I am not missing the heat. Pity we will be in Galicia next week, when the Siberian spell strikes.


1 Response to “Freezing”

  1. 1 Nick 22 December 2005 at 10:31

    With regard to Tunguska, my money is on a Nikola Tesla experiment gone wrong.
    Yesterday, here it reached 38 celsius with an even hotter, more humid day being predicted for Christmas eve. It’s the type of humidity which saps the strength and makes even the simplest of tasks a real chore. Those unfortunate enough to rely on public transport in such moments, are quick to realise that even the most potent, technologically advanced deodorants are no match for human activity in combination with such scorching conditions. Those who drive may have the privelege of tolerating no ones failed deodorant but their own, must also suffer through the traffic chaos as older and poorly maintained vehicles breakdown and choke the roads.

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