Off to Tokyo

I’m off to SoMeT 2005 in Tokyo tomorrow morning. I will be presenting a paper on a representation-theoretical analysis of OMG‘s modelling suite of technologies (UML, MOF, etc.), which is part of my recent research with a dash of the work on representational systems that I did for my PhD in the late 1990s. It’s nice rescueing old ideas and putting them back to work.

It is also my first time in Japan, and although I don’t usually enjoy travelling very much, I am curious about this country. I will not have much time to do sightseeing, but I hope I will be able to try some nice food and get a feeling of the city.

I’d better not misuse the painfully obtained travel funds that UTS has gracefully given me for this trip, so I am going to bed now. More from Tokyo.


1 Response to “Off to Tokyo”

  1. 1 Nick 5 October 2005 at 19:24

    I’d be interested to know how it went and your perspective on the Japanese.

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