A pile of pancakes

This morning I got up with a bad headache, and when this happens I know that I need to eat. So I decided to cook me some pancakes. I put three egg whites with a pinch of salt in the Thermomix, whipped them until very stiff, and then added the yolks, 140 ml of milk, 1 heaped teaspoon of baking powder and 120 g of flour. Mixed well and started pouring straight into the pan.

Five thick pancakes came out, and I stacked them on a heated up plate. I generously poured some maple syrup on top, and grabbed a fork and a knife.

I stared at the pancakes for a while. They were big, thick, and five of them, and the plate wasn’t too large. I started by cutting little bits around the perimeter of one of them. When I levelled this one I tried to pull it from underneath the pile, but the moisture and the maple syrup makes them very sticky, so when I pulled with the fork, the whole pile moved on the plate as a block, threatening with landing on my lap or the floor. I thought of unpiling the pancakes one at a time, transferring them to another plate so I could eat them. Too much work, now that I was sitting comfortably away from the kitchen. I tried the alternative of attacking the topmost one, cutting just through it with my knife and trying not to score the second topmost pancake. I failed miserably. Some times I didn’t cut deep enough, so I had to tear the poor thing and rip it into unelegant pieces. Even worse, some other times I cut too deep, and the pancake underneath suffered horrible mutilations. At this point I started considering surrender as an option.

Yes, I finally did. I came to grips with the situation and, since I was alone and therefore unobserved by potential witnesses, I decided to eat my pile of pancakes as a block. With a sigh, I plunged my knife in the golden spongy flesh, 5 layers deep, and cut down to the plate. I contemplated the multilayered cross-section for a moment, and I couldn’t help but think that there is something inherently unrighteous in eating pancakes like that, showing no respect whatsoever for their delicate individualities.


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