What a luxury

I’m just back from a lunch party with the Spanish mob. Yes, I know, I said “lunch” and it’s 9:35 pm, but, well… I also said “Spanish”. I need to explain.

The Spanish mob is a group of friends here in Sydney. Most of us are Spanish. We also call ourselves la familia (the family). Every so often, one of us hosts a lunch party, so, following a Spanish reinterpretation of the Aussie way, we run to his/her place with some plates and a few bottles. That may be in Brookvale, Auburn, Mascot or Lavender Bay, but is always similar. Lots of food, some wine, great deep intellectual conversation and a few incursions into highly trivial chat to renew our feeling of belonging to the Western world. Lunch is the Spanish way, long, paced and with bread and drinks. Although we usually begin at 1:30 or 2 pm, it often extends well into the evening. Once we even jumped straight into dinner, some of us without leaving the table at all.

It was during one of these lunch things with the Spanish mob when Johnti mentioned my blog. Johnti is an Aussie guy married to a Spanish lady, and since I frequently write about Australia I was particularly interested in his views. Although his views may not be representative, since he doesn’t like barbecues but likes sitting with a bunch of Spaniards trying to make sense out of their chinwag.

In any case, what a luxury these lunch parties. Being able to spend countless hours with these people is just unreal.


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