Back from holidays

I am just back from holidays. Isabel and I spent 12 days at Pinetrees in Lord Howe Island. I can’t explain how soothing and delicious it was to spend 12 days just doing nothing but walking around, riding the bikes, reading, beachcombing and dining very well. We took a few hundred photos of birds, plants and landscapes, and sighted a quite large number of bird species for being winter time, including the mysterious Woodhen. Isabel even climbed Mount Gower!

Cesar on bike and Mount Gower

Cesar on bike and Mount Gower

LHI White-eye

LHI White-eye

The place being so special is what made our time there so enjoyable. Also, a large part of the great experience was due to the friendliness of the Pinetrees staff, the Stardust musicians and the other guests. Congratulations to them.

I believe Lord Howe Island is overall the best part of Australia that I’ve seen so far. It is amazing how very primary things such as the silence and the relaxed pace make such a huge difference when compared to the ugly and big city. But I will not get myself started this time 😉

Highly recommended.


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