Make war not love

I’ve just finished watching a documentary on SBS about the wave of puritanism that is taking over the USA. Not that the USA used to be a forward-thinking place, but it seems that, in the last few years, prudishness and terror to nudity and sex are becoming really big.

One guy was reporting to the interviewers how he was fired from his job as a popular radio host for explicitly talking about sex on air. He was also showing to the interviewer his collection of guns, which included a sniper rifle and an assault weapon like those they use in the army. As he was saying, “I cannot say ‘asshole’ on air but I can own a rifle that can take out a hundred people”.

Also, the film showed how the law in different states of the USA establishes at which age one can have sex. I am not talking about rape or forced sex here but consensual sex. In some states it is 18, in some others down to 16. If you have sex there and you are below the “legal” age, you commit a crime. And, if you are caught, you can be charged, indicted and perhaps sent to prison. Your name will also end up in the newspapers so your family and friends don’t forget that you had sex before you were allowed to, and your name will also end up in a registry of sex offenders, together with paedophiles and serial rapists, that is open for public scrutiny. One 18 year old guy was caught after having sex with his girlfriend, who was under age, and sentenced to 75 years in prison. He killed himself.

It seems that, in the USA, it is OK to take war into Irak or Afghanistan, but you can not have sex with your partner. You can make war, but not love.

Leaders of the free world? My ass. I am outraged.


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