A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had bought Slow by Carl Honoré. I finished reading it yesterday.

I think it is a nice book. The best (and unexpected) thing is that the author explains everything as a personal experience, i.e. he has personally gone through each of the aspects of slowing down his life: slow driving, food, reading, sex, health…

The only significant weakness I can think of in the book is that, in the introductory sections, the author associated the slow movement with some traits that I don’t particularly agree with, such as the following: acoording to the author, Fast is controlling, analytical, superficial and quantity over quality, whereas Slow is careful, intuitive and quality over quantity. I disagree. One can be Slow and still be controlling, analytical and superficial. And one can be Fast and keep being careful and intuitive. And regarding quality and quantity, I don’t see why either of them has to be intrinsically “better” than the other, or why Slow must prefer quality while Fast tends to prefer quantity. I think the author has gone too far in making a well-defined (but poorly defendable) split between behavioural characteristics.

However, the book was enjoyable and, although not a revealing and mesmerizing source of insight, still an interesting read.


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