Should catholics be allowed to marry and adopt children?

Today someone suggested to me that catholics should be allowed to get married. She argued that preventing them from getting married would be unfair, because catholicism is not a disease, although sometimes we might think that catholics are a bit weird and perhaps we don’t like them very much. But, the truth is, catholics are normal people, like computer nerds or homosexuals.

My friend reasoned that some traits of the behaviour of catholics, such as their attitude towards sex, may look strange to the rest of us. Sometimes, even health issues could be raised, due to, for example, their systematic rejection to the use of condoms. Some of their habits, such as the public exhibition of tortured persons, can sometimes disturb some sensitive people. All these facts, however, are more an image made up by the media than a real thing, and are not enough to forbid them from getting married.

Some people could argue that a marriage between catholics is not a real marriage, since for them it is only a rite before their god rather than a union between two persons. In addition, and given that children outside marriage are strongly forbidden by the catholic church, one could be led to think that by allowing catholics to get married, we are incrementing the number of marriages celebrated just to obtain an “appropriate” appearance between other catholics or simply to obtain sex, also forbiden by catholics outside marriage. This, in turn, could surely increment domestic violence or destructured families. But we must remember that these problems not only happen in catholic families, and since we cannot know what is in other people’s minds, we should not try to judge their motivations to get married.

Besides, saying that marriage between catholics is not real marriage (and perhaps should be called something else) is just a mean way to deviate attention from the real issue: marriage is always marriage, and a family is always a family, even between catholics.

And, talking about family, my friend continued arguing that catholics should also be allowed to adopt children. Some could get really annoyed about this. “Catholics adopting children? How can you even think of that? Those little helpless children could become catholics themselves!”. My friend acknowledged that yes, children adopted by catholic couples have a significant likelihood of becoming catholics, as opposed to what happens with children adopted by computer nerds or homosexuals, who do not tend to “inherit” this from their parents. But we should not see this as a problem because, as we said before, catholics are normal persons like anybody else.

Despite what many people think, my friend argued, we cannot demonstrate that catholics are not prepared to educate their adopted children properly, or that the religiously biased environment of a catholic family could be a negative influence for a little child.

In summary, my friend defended the right of catholics to get married and adopt children, very much like computer nerds or homosexuals. She is extremely open minded, you know. I don’t know if I am ready to accept such a revolutionary change in our society, though.

What do you think?


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