Going back to Galicia: Why not: University life

I originally came to Sydney to work as a researcher for a technical university. I am happy I made that decision because I have learned a lot and enjoyed a unique experience.

In particular, the kind of research I have been doing for the last three years would have been nearly impossible in Galicia. Here, the quality of research (as well as education) in universities is way above what we have over there. Although I don’t think that universities here really embrace research, what they do is done much better. Sometimes, when I check the website of my former university in Spain, or any other universities and research centres there, I feel some sort of sadness that is hard to explain. Two details are illustrative: first, many of the Spanish universities seem to pay more attention to the chancellor’s welcome than to making the website usable; secondly, whereas a “positions vacant” link is very often accesible from any Australian university home page, it is completely non-existing in most of the Spanish ones. What do these two little things suggest?

In addition, I happen to work for an excellent team and have a great boss, which is extremely uncommon and extremely rewarding. I will lose this when I go back to Galicia, which I regret.


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