Homosexual marriage act is progressing

The Spanish house of representatives approved yesterday the law that will allow homosexual couples to get married, adopt children, inherit from their spouses and, in general, have the same rights as heterosexuals. The senate must now debate it and vote on it. The intentions are to make it effective next 28 June, Day of the Gay Pride.

This initiative has been qualified by the media as historical and exemplar. It seems that some religious and conservative groups participated in a ridiculous demonstration with mottos along the lines of the infamous “one apple plus one pear is one thing, but two apples together is something different”.


8 Responses to “Homosexual marriage act is progressing”

  1. 1 Cyrus Najmabadi 24 April 2005 at 12:19

    Cesar: I’m very glad to hear this. It’s quite apperant to me that in a few years this will be the norm for the majority of the world. It may take a little bit longer for the US (we’re always contentious), but it will happen soon.Thanks for cheering me up.

  2. 2 rgiskard 26 April 2005 at 8:05

    The manifestations fot the Day of the Gay Pride in Spain involve lots of Drag Queens and naked men parading in the street. It also involves some mottos that are (like almost all mottos) "peculiar" or "funny".Would you call it "ridiculous demonstration" or is that something that you reserve for those who do not share your point of view?Part of the debate in Spain is that civil unions involving homosexuals should be called something different than Matrimony. While I don’t understand the reason why this is important, it is this which is behind the motto of the pears & apples, and it is not any more ridiculous that other thing that are being said by the other side of the issue.

  3. 3 cesargon 26 April 2005 at 9:11

    rgiskard, I would not use "ridiculous demonstration" for the drag queens and naked men parading on the street. Although I understand that some people could think that this is ridiculous, I don’t find it so.I find ridiculous, however, that some people think that being a homosexual is similar to being a murderer, or that "no rights assist to homosexuals to get married" (sic) since some religion thinks so. There are other rights beyond those of a specific religion, such as those of other religions, those of a nation, or those of the human nature. So, anybody that believes to be in possession of THE rights is, to my eyes, pretty ridiculous. And those guys demonstrating against the homosexual act are convinced that they are the owners of THE right way to do things.
    Regarding your observation "Part of the debate in Spain is that civil unions involving homosexuals should be called something different than Matrimony" I have to disagree. That is what some right-wing people (including many catholics) are trying to make everybody believe. The debate, in fact, is whether or not homosexual couples can have the same rights are heterosexual couples. Call it matrimony, marriage or xyz, I don’t care. It is about people’s rights, not about words.

  4. 4 rgiskard 26 April 2005 at 9:49

    "I find ridiculous, however, that some[…]anybody that believes to be in possession of THE rights is, to my eyes, pretty ridiculous[…]"This same paragraph could be applied to those people who demonstrate *in favor of* the homosexual act. Why are someone believings ridiculous ,while others aren’t?? I think you might have a point in that some people may be rude and/or extreme in his/her affirmations but don’t confuse having stupid people on the other side this with having all the reason on your side, I’ve heared pretty stupid affirmations on both sides of the question.
    As for the "Part of the debate…" I agree with you that words shouldn’t be that important , I was only pointing you at the reason behind the motto. As I’ve said you almost all mottos seem to be ridiculous.To state my position clear, I agree with all the rights except for the adoption part.
    And IANAL but there exist a legal figure "parejas de hecho" (don’t know how to translate it) that seems to cover all the other rights execp for the adoption, so the choice of words seems to have more of a meaning here….

  5. 5 cesargon 26 April 2005 at 10:00

    De facto couples (“parejas de hecho”) in Spain do not have the same rights as married people. For example, they do not inherit from the spouse in case of death. They are not considered for immigration purposes. They mean nothing as far as many insurance policies are concerned.
    And, on top of this, many homosexual couples want to get married!

  6. 6 rgiskard 26 April 2005 at 10:16

    Ok then, you can let them marry or give more rights to De facto couples (I would have considered the last to be more inteligent and less controversial for the government, but that’s politics only)I think that the point in not letting them marry and wanting to create or modify another legal figure has something to do with the adoption part of the question.
    At least this is the only reason I’ve against this law. But it is a strong reason , and I don’t think it is ridiculous , conservative , reactionary or something similar. This is something that require a lot more debate and investigation, becouse it is not only about homosexual rights it is also about *children rights*

  7. 7 cesargon 26 April 2005 at 10:23

    You are right: children rights need to be studied.

  8. 8 stuart in sydney 2 February 2007 at 11:18

    Felicitaciones a Espana – mejor que Austalia!
    I’d only add that children have a right to be loved by their parents – biological or adoptive – sadly i notice plenty of non-love not to say violence between parents and kids – and wonder why people have children sometimes. More important to know one is loved and feel secure in that than bother what sex or preference of partner one’s ‘parent’ is/has.

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