What punctuality?

You know how I was saying that it is not true that Spaniards are less punctual than Anglo-Saxons.

Last sunday Isabel and I walked down the street to the park to see the Endeavour replica navigate again. As advertised on the newspaper, it was scheduled to pass under the Harbour Bridge and close to Blues Point at 2:30 pm. We were sitting there at 2:10 and the ship didn’t come. We waited a bit more and it did not appear. People gathered together on both shores. The afternoon was delicious. The Endeavour finally appeared at 3:12 pm. Not very punctual, was it?

If this had happened in Spain and an English writer happened to be looking, he would have written something like “See? The infamous and typical Spanish inability to be punctual”. Since it happened in Australia, people probably thought “Isn’t this odd? Forty minutes late!”.

This is how myths are built.


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