Self-weighing scales

Can a set of scales weigh itself?

I propose a little experiment. Try to invent a physical contraption that measures the weight of you favourite set of scales, with the following charactersitics:

  • The only weighing machine that can be part of your device is your chosen set of scales. You cannot use any other device capable of sensing weight, mass, acceleration or any other physical magnitude directly related to mass.
  • The precision of the weight measurement must be the same that the set of scales being weighed usually offers.
  • The set of scales being weighed must be commercially available. No alterations can be made with the purpose of this experiment.
  • You can use as many mechanical, electronic, quantic or bitek devices as you please, with exception of those mentioned above.

I offer a prize of AUD 100 to the first person who can demonstrate to me a machine with the above properties. I reserve the right of seeing a working prototype (or an acceptable computer simulation) in case of dispute.



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