A scary movie with a doll in it

When I was a kid I saw a movie that really scared me. I spent months before I could sleep unafraid at night.

I would like to watch that movie again. The problem is that I don’t remember the title or the actors or anything. Just the plot and some of the scenes. I will give you some data:

I saw the movie at the cinema around 1979, so I imagine the movie was made at some point in the 70s. It started with a family happily cruising on a nice boat. There is a girl in the family and they suddenly spot a doll floating on the water. The girl asks her dad to retrieve the doll so they bring it on board and the girl keeps it. From that moment, very scary things start happening on the boat. And, you are right, the doll is to blame!

Some people get shredded to pieces by the boat’s propeller. Some people just disappear while rowing on a dinghy and a huge shadow swims under them (the cenital shot showing the shadow swimming under the little dinghy was really good). Some divers get trapped underwatter when a tremour fells ancient columns on the seabed. And so on and so forth.

Can you provide the title of the movie for me? Or any other details? Thanks!


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